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Suggest an old video game. I will make a comic about it. Sounds fun, right? It sure is! Blow The Cartridge updates every wedNESday with a comic about a great game from the history books. Check it out and let me know what should be the next game featured on the site at

Funny Webcomic is a daily comic I have been making since 2008. Every week readers vote to decide what topics I do next. Its most popular strips are Old Video Game Jokes, White Teenagers With Problems and Henry, the Sexually Perverted Chocolate Bar. See more at

Game Room

I’ve worked as a lead games designer since 2004, and have worked on many AAA titles including The Legend of Spyro, Viva Pinata: Party Animals, and The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. I was also a Lead Designer at KMM Interactive Entertainment on Happy Feet 2.

I’ve worked as a professional journalist for over 15 years, mainly in the video game industry. Career highlights include Zzap! 64, Pocket Games, Gamespot, Hotgames and Retro Gaming Hacks. I’m always interested in new opportunities – contact me to find out more!

What Was That Game? is a website devoted to reconnecting people with classic video games they used to love playing but can’t remember the name of. Stop driving yourself mad trying to remember and visit

Game reviewers! Love playing video games and telling the world what you think about them, but hate actually typing out reviews like a sucker? Automatically generate your review with a few simple clicks at