cameron davis does lots of stuff. This is some of it…

I’ve worked as a professional journalist for over 15 years, mainly in the video game industry. Career highlights include Zzap! 64, Pocket Games, Gamespot, Hotgames and Retro Gaming Hacks.

I’m always interested in new opportunities – contact me to find out more!

Here’s a quick rundown of the places I’ve written for, or at least the ones I can remember:

TV Week (1995 – 1997) was the Australian version of TV Guide and for some reason they had video game reviews in it. After I hassled the column’s editor about mistakes that ran in the reviews, he asked me to put my money where my mouth is and write reviews that didn’t have errors in it. That’s how it all began… (1996 – 2000) was a very very lovely website devoted to video games of all shapes and sizes. It just so happened to be owned by Beam Software / Melbourne House and just so happened to give every game developed by Beam Software / Melbourne House a perfect score. But besides that it was a fantastic site and at one time had more traffic than the fledgling I wrote about 30-40 reviews a week for it. Good lord I wish I had that kind of energy now. (1996-1997) was one of the first big time ‘fan’ sites that had better traffic than the ‘official’ ones, and it was a great place to write for. I was their Australian editor and handled all things PAL related, which meant that all my writing had borders on it and was written 17.5% slower. (1997-1998) were kind enough to let me write for them after N64HQ folded, and again I handled their Australian queries. I had to move on shortly afterwards due to me signing up with… (1999-2000) was a brand new startup and eager to make a difference in the world. I sold them my crayon-tastic GBHQ site, which is a mistake I still regret to this day, and wrote Game Boy reviews for them among other random things.

Pocket Games (1999-2004) was a Ziff Davis publication I found myself a part of thanks to the work I did at GameSpot. I wrote a lot of Game Boy game reviews for it. (2000-2001) was a huge site aiming to catalogue every video game ever made. A bold ambition helped along by plenty of venture capital money and my love of writing about Game Boy games. The dot-com bubble bursting put an end to it, but it was a great ride anyway.

Zzap! 64 (2002) was easily one of the proudest moments in my writing career. I got to help assemble an issue of my favourite magazine along with some very talented people.

Video Games Underground (2002-2003) was a general purpose video games magazine by a lot of the team who made Pocket Games.

Official Australian Xbox Magazine (2002-2005) was a great magazine that didn’t even mind that I never owned an original Xbox.

Retro Gaming Hacks (2006) was a book published by O’Reilly Publishing that I contributed a chapter about text adventures to.

There’s lots of other places…and I’m looking forward to adding more new things to the list in the future!